Sustainable Investment Guide

Minggu, 25 Desember 2022

Sustainable Investment Guide

Ministry of Investment/BKPM Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi Supported by: Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia)

Sustainable Investment Guide


This sustainable investment guideline has been prepared and tailored to the level of business, including both companies and entrepreneurs. This guideline is easily accessible and usable as a foundation for investing in Indonesia by Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs), corporate entities, investors, and the government. This guideline consists of four main pillars that are further subdivided into several indicators that must be followed gradually. The four main pillars are as follows:

1. Economic

2. Environment

3. Social

4. Governance

The following steps must be taken when using this Sustainable Investment Guideline:

  1. Identify the economic, social, environmental, and governance impacts of operational activities and what needs to be improved in the future.
  2. Determine and define the intended impacts. Impacts can be prioritized based on the type of business sector and contexts (among others, business size, company capacity, the technology used, and capital).
  3. Select the most relevant indicators from the guideline for disclosing prioritized impact data and information.
  4. Data or information refers to data and information from the previous year or the current, depending on the guidance in each indicator.
  5. Describe the corrective measures for each impact. This information, along with a description of indicators deemed relevant for supporting the data presented in a table format, can be written in narrative form for each selected indicator. 

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