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Indonesia Investment Guidebook 2022


Investment plays a significant important role for the economic growth of a country. In addition to creating jobs, investment also has a multiplier effect from one economic sector to another. Realization of investment in Indonesia indicates an improved performance from the previous year. Data from BKPM shows the investment value in January-September 2022, both for Domestic Investment and Foreign Investment reached IDR 892.4 trillion, or an increase of 35.3 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

The confidence of investors to invest in Indonesia is definitely very exhilarating, considering that this is proof that this country has potential natural resources, competent human resources, and conducive government policies for investment. Therefore we will try to maintain this trust so that investment in Indonesia can achieve impressive growth in the coming years especially in the next year where there are increasing challenges of inflation and recession.

President Jokowi has emphasized that the competition to find investors will be tougher and tighter. Other countries, including developed countries, will compete to attract investors into their country. So, investor’s trust in Indonesia, which has grown well so far, must be properly maintained by implementing policies that support the growth of the investment climate, including fiscal and monetary policies.

Therefore, I hope that this guidebook can provide an overview to investors regarding incentives, opportunities, business licensing, and the tax system in Indonesia in relation to investment and ease of doing business, so that we can provide the best service and ensure that every investment that enters Indonesia can provide multiple benefits and effects that are not only beneficial for the investors but also beneficial for this nation.

Bahlil Lahadalia

Minister of Investment/Chairman of BKPM

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