Senin, 27 Juli 2020

Indonesian Consul General in Sydney, Director of IIPC Sydney, and Deputy Director of ITPC Sydney in a Webinar with Regional Investment Agencies in West Java Province


On 22 July 2020, Indonesia Investment Promotion Centre (IIPC) Sydney with West Java Regional Investment Agency (DPM PTSP) held a zoom webinar to explore investment opportunities in West Java Province and the potentials of Australian businesses to invest in and trade with Indonesia.

The discussion was officially opened by the Head of West Java Province DPM PTSP, Noneng Komara Nengsih, and Indonesian Consul General in Sydney, Heru Subolo. Director of IIPC Sydney, Henry Rombe, presented Australia’s investment trend in Indonesia and investment sectors that will interest Australian investors. Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Indonesia Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) Sydney provides information on how to enter and penetrate Australian market, as well as commodities that are potential to be sold to Australian markets.

This event is expected to be a stepping stone in arranging a business matchmaking between Australia and West Java businesses in the framework of Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement that has come into force earlier this month.

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