Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks
Oil and gas

Oil and gas exploration


Construction of fertilizer plantto cover domestic demand

Fertilizer demand reaches 11 million tons per year (2.2 million tons of urea; biological nitrogen to 900 thousand tons, 960 thousand tons of potash; DAP 900 thousand tons; NPK 4 million tons and 1.8 million tons of phosphate), but current production only reaches 8 million tons.

Note:The new fertilizer plant in Vietnam is strictly selected as it’s related to environmental issues.


Establishment of banks and financial services for foreign investment in the form of representative offices, branches and JV with a local bank with a maximum up to 50% foreign ownership

Total assets must be above USD 10 million at the end of the year before applying to establish a finance company with 100% foreign investment or finance company.

Infrastructure/ Energy

57 steamed power plants with a capacity of 36GW (2020) and 75.7 GW by 2030.

To support this program, it takes 62-72 million tons of coal in 2020 (for the needs of the power plant: 42-50 and the rest for other industries).

Vietnam Government will import as much as 40-50 million tons of coal in 2020 and 20 million tons in 2015-2016. Imported coal must have a quality grade 5 or medium grade.


Hospital construction in the former land of Hanoi International American Dental Clinic construction covering an area of 8,540 m2 for USD 70 million.

Contact Person:

Mr. Suryana Sastradiredja

Minister Counsellor, KBRI Hanoi

50, Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

P: +84 4 382 533 53

F: +84 4 382 592 74


Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks

Construction of fertilizer plant

Potassium Laos potential is estimated at 7.5 million tons in 2025. On the other hand Indonesia is a net importer of these products.


Construction of international hospital

Needs of good health services in Laos now has reached a crucial stage. The Laos government has set health and education as a priority. For hospital, it is open to 100% foreign ownership and allowed to bring labor from the origin country.


Construction of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Vientiane Province (30,000 Ha) and Bolikhamsay Province (8,000 Ha)

These lands can be used as a plantation, agricultureor livestock that the results can be exported


Construction of Hotel and Property

Levelof tourist arrivals in Laos is promising with the visit as many as 4 million visitors a year (the number of Laotians around 6.5 million people), and the LuangPrabang Heritage City is the most famous tourist attraction in Laos.


Construction of four-wheels transportation components plant


​Coconut Oil Product

Contact Person:

Mr.Alfan Amiruddin

Third Secretary, Economic Affairs, KBRI Vientiane

Kaysone Phom Vihane Avenue, P.O.BOX 277, Vientiane,
Laos (Lao P.D.R.)

P: +85621 413 909/910

F: +85621 218 527