Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks

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Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks

Gold mining is an investment priority for government of Sudan. Target of gold production in 2016 is estimated at 100 tons with an allocation of more than 100 blocks of new mines will be opened for investors. Other potential sites currently exist:

  1. Red SeaProvince and River Nile province, with reserves of 46,000 tons. (Based on RSMCmapping);
  2. Abu Sarah, Nothern Province, with reserves of 100 tons (Tahemapping);
  3. Atlantis II project, which is located in the Red Sea Runway, reserves of 47 tons of gold, 2 million tons of tin, 500,000tons copper and 3,000 tons of silver. (Geology Agency, Sudan)
  • Most of the gold mines in Sudan still managed traditionally (85%).
  • Potential reserves of gold are still unclear and questionable, especially mapping by RSMC.
  • Currentlythere are 105 companies, both large and small scale (national and foreign), which have been granted concessions.
  • Latest mining regulation: Wealth Minerals and Mining Development Act in 2015 which regulates the establishment of a commission on mining chaired by the Minister of Mineral Resources.
  • Several matters covered by the Law, which are: 1. Investors get all cost recovery on exploration and mine development activities; 2. The investment agreement will cover the period of exploration and exploitation; 3. Exemption of import duties for all mining equipment and VAT retention; 4. Owners of preferred shares; 5. The Government of Sudan is entitled to a royalty of 5-7% and 15-35% share ownership
Agriculture and livestock

Establishment of research centers in the field of agriculture and livestock, provision of quality seeds agriculture and forestry, procurementof agricultural and livestock equipment, production of organicand non-organic fertilizers, production of pesticides, preservation of agricultural and livestock products,production of food and cereals, export of crops, plantations and livestock products, provision equipment of livestock and vaccination, provision of livestock feed, meat and dairy production.

The government of Sudanhas developed the priority of Economic Reform Program 2015-2019, where one of the priority sectors are agriculture and livestock.

  • Potency of Agriculture: land area of 44 million ha and only worked about 15%. Availability of groundwater as 16,000 billion cubic meters.
  • Potency oflivestock: the number of cattle reached 144 million, consist of cows, camels, goats, and sheep with export volume of 5 million animals per year with the primary market is Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt
Oil & Gas

Development of oil and gas exploration to increase oil and gas production in Sudan, among others:

1. Construction of oil refinery in the Port Sudan city with a capacity of 25,000 barrels per day.

2. Construction of distribution pipelines of petroleum, especially benzene and gasoline in Port Sudan city.

3. The construction of liquefied gas production plant in Fulacity with a capacity of 300 tons per day

4. Provision of Human Resources such as experts of constructions and welding / weld pipe in pipe construction or engine experts in oil refinery revitalization projects in several locations (500-600 people)

Potency of petroleum which are 4.4 billion original oil in place and 1.4 TCF of natural gas, but the existing production capacity, recently reached 120,000 barrels / day, which is far below optimal capacity of as much as 520,000 barrels / day.

Infrastructure available, which are :

1. The pipeline along 1,610 km of Heglig to Bashayer with a capacity of 450,000 bpd

2. Pipeline along 1,472 km from Al-Jabalain to Bashayer

3. Track 716 km pipeline from Block 6 to Khartoum regency

4. Line along the 172 km pipeline from the TharJath field to Heglig

5. The pipeline along 97 km of Block 6 to Heglig.
The government of Sudan encourages Indonesian government to invest in those sectors due to the large needs of government of Sudan.


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Sector Investment Opportunity Remarks

Development of industrial estates which called Halaal Industrial Park in Capetown.

The main investment projects South African government which will be opened in late 2017, based on high demand for halal products in South Africa. Furthermore, from Capetown, it can make market penetration to other sub-Saharan countries.


Trade in textiles, coffee, spices, health equipment and evelopment of Indonesian restaurants in South Africa.

The mechanism offered by the government of South Africa is the supply of products in the free port to allow cost efficiency.


Furniture Products

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