In order to carry out the Chairman of BKPM Regulation Year 2017 (Perka BKPM Tahun 2017) on Guidelines and Procedures for Licensing and Facility, all form of online submission through SPIPISE such as New Principle License application, Principle License for Expansion, Principle License for Transfer Status, Principle License for Merger and Principle License for Change in Investment will be temporary closed from 22 December 2017 to 2 January 2018. Please be advised that the applications received through SPIPISE up to 22 December 2017 will be processed under the ongoing mechanism, thus will be issued as Principle License and Alteration (Change) Principle License. Afterwards, the applications submitted starting from 2 January 2018 onwards will be issued as Investment Registration (PPM). For the official announcement, please click here.

Strategic Roadmap

About BKPM / Strategic Roadmap

Investment promotion is very much part of BKPM’s investment strategy roadmap, and to be in partnership with our national flag carrier in promoting Indonesia is a complimentary alliance.

For this purpose, we act through phases, as dicipline for the business of our institution. These phases are :

Our short-term focus is to harvest the low-hanging fruits of investment in Indonesia. This entails optimizing Indonesia's natural resources to act as a catalyst and bring the momentum needed to undertake programs for greater economic development.
The channeling of investment towards infrastructure needs, both hard and soft. Hard infrastructure will include roads, airports, ports and power-generating capacity, while soft infrastructure will include health services and education.
Laying the foundation for industrialization. This calls for continued investment in education for the creation of a highly skilled and educated work force. It also requires the elimination of uncertainty in policy, which the PTSP and NSWi initiatives are designed to address. Judicious provision of both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives also will be emphasized to aid in this effort.
Support the formation of a knowledge-based economy with further development of a globally competitive educated work force. At this stage BKPM will continue to strengthen its policy advocacy and investor role for both foreign and domestic capital.